For ad agencies which deliver measurable results

Go beyond Google Analytics and reports in spreadsheets –
increase performance while saving time

Smoothly and securely
connect any client platform to any traffic sources

AdTarget Tracker supports direct integration with popular shopping carts, such as Shopify and WooCommerce, CRM platforms like Salesforce and HubSpot and MMP’s such as AppsFlyer and Singular – so you could map clients’ conversions and optimize them.

Traffic source integration via API eliminates manual work and human mistakes made during data transfer.

Connect as many clients as you need
with unlimited advertisers in all plans

We know that volume and scale matter in agency business thus we don’t cap your potential by limiting the number of clients like other tracking providers do.

Protect your reputation and clients’ budget from waste
with powerful anti-fraud kit

  • Proprietary bult-in algorithm

    Detects bot traffic on a granular level.
    Allows you to form a source blacklist
    to be applied in traffic supply ad cabinet and buy only clear traffic.

  • 3rd party tracker support
  • Measure impression fraud
  • Detects bot traffic on a granular level.

    Allows you to form a source blacklist
    to be applied in traffic supply ad cabinet and buy only clear traffic.

  • Implement any other anti-fraud pixels
    such as MOAT, IAS, Whiteops, if your client demands it.

  • Clicks are only 0,1-3% from all users who exposed to ads,
    so why to concentrate only on them?

    AdTarget Tracker measures impression fraud
    as well ensuring 100% protection of client’s advertising.

Every client is different and needs special treatment

That’s why we built customizable reports and dashboards which can be adjusted for every advertiser, have unique look, set of metrics and cabinet url.

AdTarget Tracker built for teams, large, diverse, and distributed

Looking beyond only first sale lets you develop your marketing strategy confidently and ensure long-term ROI.


Keep it organized, focused and secure by separating access for your teams to different clients and partners

Security groups

Hide sensitive revenue metrics from the users who are not authorized to see them. Share reports by a link with peace of mind and confidence

Trusted devices

Allow platform access only from certain IP’s and/or devices for extra protection

Single source of truth. Period.

Be able to back up your proposal to client with data without collecting bits of puzzle across various tools.

Post-view conversions and attribution

Measure marketing effect of channels where users don’t click

Unbiased attribution

Every source reports more conversions that there actually is. See deduplicated contribution of every channel

Real-time reports

Don’t let sluggish reporting slow down your campaigns.

Deep data drilldown

Conduct analysis without exporting data with unlimited metrics and up to 6 levels of nested data grouping.

Full API access

Incorporate AdTarget Tracker into your agency’s martech ecosystem

Tell us about your measurement challenge

and we will offer a solution

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