Leads, subscriptions, or online sales –

your ROAS

with proper measurement and attribution

Take advantage of multichannel marketing and remove all inherent complications

Feed conversions from your platform to AdTarget tracker easily


Scale with confidence keeping all traffic sources under control

Acquire knowledge which channels drive revenue growth and which just eating your budget

Outgrow last click attribution
which gives all the credit to Organic and Unknown sources

With multitouch and post-view attribution you’ll know exact value brought by each channel and tweak budget allocation accordingly

Last click

Measure customer LTV.
Take more aggressive marketing strategy.
Grow faster than competition.

Looking beyond only first sale lets you develop your marketing strategy confidently and ensure long-term ROI.

Measure customer LTV

Collect 1st and 2nd party audiences to inform your retention strategy

AdTarget Tracker allows you to segment users based on different interactions with the media you buy, owned channels and your product. This opens unlimited possibilities of personalized offer communication, up-selling and cross-selling techniques, audience suppression.


How do you track and optimize your campaigns now?

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  • Have you ever tried to sum up all the sales from all channels?

    Try and you will be surprised because the result probably will be bigger than you actually sold.

    Let us show you how AdTarget tracker can help you to deduplicate figures in your reports and make more accurate decisions.

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  • A clinging thought that you marketing efforts
    are useless probably visits you quite often.

    Despite sophisticated channel mix you have in place all conversions coming from Organic or Unknown source.

    AdTarget Tracker can look beyond clicks and measure the contribution of each marketing channel more accurately.
    Want to know how?

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