AdTarget Tracker for Affiliate marketers and Media Buyers

Pro ad tracking tool even a beginner can master

Integrated with top traffic sources to start getting conversions asap

Propeller Ads

Ensure 24/7 control over performance with Optimizer rules

Set algorithm to check one or multiple parameters simultaneously: ROI/ROAS, CPA, CPI, CPC, CR. Automatically collect black/whitelists of sources. Eliminate bottlenecks across your entire funnel.

Show the best offer to every user with advanced traffic distribution

Split traffic by over 25 parameters!

Including location, device type/model, connection type, carrier, daypart or even weather conditions!

Rotation AI

Land users to offers they haven’t seen yet

Cross/Up-sell & retain

Retarget users who shown interest or bought from a certain offer

Scheduled events

Switch on and off landers based on dayparts, days of a week, or any custom date ranges

Secure event tracking and easy set-up with S2S postbacks

Receive conversions from any platform and pass to traffic sources to train their algorithms

We save your budget
with advanced traffic quality control toolset

Have traffic, but cannot find an offer to monetize it?
Get an opportunity to sell it via our auction

We can offer your residual traffic from verified sources to advertisers connected AdTarget

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