Conversion tracking and attribution for affiliate marketers, product owners and agencies.

Track, Analyze, Optimize
all digital channels in one tool your way

Integrated with top advertising, e‑commerce, and CRM platforms.

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AdTarget Tracker works for you

  • Affiliate marketers

    • Optimizer - earn more with ROAS/Revenue automated optimization
    • Integrations - eliminate waste with direct optimization of 100+ channels straight from AdTarget
    • User parameters - track 25+ parameters of every click: device, connection type, carrier, location and more
    • S2S postbacks - secure way of measuring conversions, easy to set up
    • Direct tracking / fast redirect - no traffic loss with direct tracking & fast 5ms redirects
    • Built-in anti-fraud – don’t waste your budget on bots
    • Saved audiences - up-sell & cross-sell with retargeting audiences stored for up to 255 days
  • Agencies

    • All-in-one platform - forget about reports in excel and manual data collection – save time and money
    • Built-in anti-fraud - ensure the best traffic quality
    • Multiuser workspace - easy to manage teams of your own, clients’ and partners’
    • Custom reports and domains - for every client give exactly what they need
    • Impression tracking - track not only clicks but all metrics that matter to your clients, including impressions
    • Multiple attribution models - including post-view attribution
    • Full API access – integrate AdTarget Tracker with your tech ecosystem
  • Product owners

    • Integrations - with Shopping cart and CRM platform for seamless onboarding
    • All-in-one dashboard - get the holistic view across all paid and owned channels
    • Unbiased cross-channel attribution - know where your leads are actually coming from
    • LTV tracking - focus on the most valuable customers
    • 1st and 2nd party audiences – to build retention strategy upon them
    • Unlimited conversion events - including post-view attribution

Eliminate budget waste!

AdTarget can not only track campaigns, but actively optimize them – down to switching off individual activities.

AdTarget Optimizer
Set your platform and metrics

E-shop, SaaS, MMP, landing pages or offers.
All performance metrics: Calls, Leads, Sales, Installs, Revenue and all other.

Connect traffic sources

Ultimate view on all marketing activities in one ad cabinet. Display ads, Native, Social, Influencers and what not.

Monitor performance

Aggregated view on all channels. Real-time reports.

Get true insights

Proper cross-channel and cross-device attribution. Cookie less tracking.


Set automated traffic distribution rules to maximize performance and save time.


Granularly manage access for your teams, partners and clients.

Minimize the number of tools
and launch campaigns faster with hosted landing pages.

Use pre-made templates for popular verticals

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